Producing Good Fruit

No matter how hard we try, we cannot produce fruit ourselves. We can seek to do all sorts of awesome and mighty works, and yet at the end of the day it is empty without the Holy Spirit working in and through us while carrying out the work. In our modern society where workaholics are… Continue reading Producing Good Fruit

Bible Study, Encouragement

When It Is Time, Then It Is Time

The other day I wrote a devotional on the topic of being called and then sent, and how when we are sent we should not allow fear, anxiety or any other emotion overrun what we know God wants us to do. No matter if people say it is crazy you still have God behind you… Continue reading When It Is Time, Then It Is Time


Mission Possible

There are times in life where an idea pops into your head that excites you beyond like moving somewhere, starting a new career, buying a home and the list goes on. As you think of this exciting new idea you begin to formulate on how to accomplish it. Over time you realize certain difficulties that… Continue reading Mission Possible