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Striving To No Where

The why answers the what and the effort determines the distance. But the incorrect reason to why we do something can take us to the incorrect what while causing the effort to be in vain ultimately bringing us to no where. Clarify the why to better understand the what in order to embark forward on… Continue reading Striving To No Where


Information And Wisdom

In an age rich with information we have become deprived of wisdom. No matter how much knowledge one may acquire, if wisdom is not found, the knowledge is acquired in vain and futile. One must know how to discern enable to produce, and not just produce, but produce the good that is needed in the… Continue reading Information And Wisdom

Bible Study, devotional

Seeking Discernment In A Blind World

It amazes me how much we rely on technology today for pretty much everything. I see people asking Siri for restaurants rather than just looking on their maps. Now there are the at home devices like Alexa that helps you with any and all questions and of course keeps track of your every move (Talk… Continue reading Seeking Discernment In A Blind World

devotional, Encouragement

You Are Stronger Than You Realize

Over the years of different life events, both good and bad, I have come to realize that my wife and I are much stronger than we give ourselves credit. Each situation presents new challenges that were greater than before, and yet we overcome them. Racing pro motocross, traveling, seven dogs, and a child with Leukemia?… Continue reading You Are Stronger Than You Realize