Producing Good Fruit

No matter how hard we try, we cannot produce fruit ourselves. We can seek to do all sorts of awesome and mighty works, and yet at the end of the day it is empty without the Holy Spirit working in and through us while carrying out the work. In our modern society where workaholics are… Continue reading Producing Good Fruit

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Moving Beyond Mistakes

Mistakes happen regardless of how much we may try to veer from manifesting them. Some are worse than others with some seeming so stupendous and bringing with it such harsh repercussions that the overall result being almost unbearable, if not impossible to deal with. How do we cope with mistakes and the repercussions thereof? How… Continue reading Moving Beyond Mistakes


When You Are Blank, Do Nothing

There are times that we go through dry-spells in life where our minds are blank and things around us seem rather dull. These spells vary in length from person to person and time of life. Sometimes it does good to make dramatic changes in life such as moving, changing jobs, doing something that you have… Continue reading When You Are Blank, Do Nothing


Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Surrounding yourself with the right people does not just apply to the Christian life, but also in every aspect of life itself. In order to be successful you must surround yourself with the right people that encourage, push and help direct you in the way you feel called. When you surround yourself with the wrong… Continue reading Surrounding Yourself With The Right People


Overcoming The Millennial Confusion

It is a tough life out there and most of us, let's face it, want no part of it. We all seek the Disney World type of life and society REGARDLESS OF GENERATION, but it has been exceptionally difficult for our generation simply due to the fact of increased technology, too much parenting, and the… Continue reading Overcoming The Millennial Confusion